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Colocation vs Cloud Hosting

When it comes to hosted IT, businesses are now faced with the decision between Colocation and Cloud Hosting. Each offer streamlined data and network management and on the surface they may seem very similar, however both offer distinct benefits and advantages. Your business’ data management and infrastructure needs will ultimately determine which solution is the right choice.

Colocation is where you provide the equipment and the colocation provider hosts it in their data centre and provides the space, power, rack and bandwidth. 

The cloud is not a place, rather software and/or hardware available via the Internet.

Smaller operations and startups usually opt for the cloud because of the scalable costs, low overheads and no need for IT staff. Larger enterprises often go the colocation route to house their servers because it saves money in the long run and offers the benefit and flexibility that comes with total server control.

Why Colocation?

If you are happy with your current hardware, colocation may be the best option for your business. Colocation is especially valuable for organisations that have invested heavily in physical equipment, or for those that simply lack the space and power required to maintain the hardware at their own facility. Additionally, some businesses use colocation as a backup system, or implement colocation as a way to preserve staff time and company resources.

Ultimately, colocation is an excellent option for businesses that wish to outsource data management while retaining control of their hardware.

Colocation Data Centre

Why Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting providers supply and manage the full hardware and software infrastructure. Servers, software and network are delivered to businesses as a service. Cloud hosting is an excellent option for businesses that don’t have an existing data management infrastructure, or simply don’t want to maintain or invest in one. Businesses should also consider cloud hosting if they intend to replace existing infrastructure easily and efficiently.

Before choosing a cloud hosting platform, make sure the provider maintains applicable industry compliance and offers strong physical and digital security.

Colocation Data Centre

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