what are micro data centres and what are the benefits

Checklist For Your New Server Room Project!

There are so many factors to consider when exploring the best way to effectively design and keep a server room air conditioned. From the layout of space (low ceilings and raised floors etc.), the extent of cooling needed, the level of environmental monitoring required, the best system of fire suppression, the list goes on. However, with INFINITI’s extensive experience and dedication, we offer an unbiased view on the best solution for you and your business.

Designing a new server room at first may seem to be an intimidating project, there are after all, a lot of factors and standards to consider. However, setting up the space and equipment doesn’t have to be an ordeal – that’s if you plan and make sure you have all necessary components. We have made you a simple checklist to facilitate the design of your server room.

Room Size

  • Preferably, your room should have no windows so all monitoring systems can get a accurate reading
  • Ensure space is large enough for future expansion - your business may grow and so will it's services
  • Ceiling should be around or at least 2.5m tall for cabinets and other necessary equipment 
  • Should have drop ceiling returns to exhaust heat

Equipment Specifications

  •  The computer racks should have a clearance of at least 42 inches
  • All racks should have proper grounding and seismic bracing
  • Server rooms should contain fire suppression systems just in case a fire happens or fault in systems
  • Ensure to have water leak and humidity monitors installed to ensure a smooth running server room

what are micro data centres and what are the benefits
what are micro data centres and what are the benefits


  • We recommend racks should be arranged in a hot-aisle/cold-aisle configuration.
  • Use cooling equipment with variable speed fans
  • Ensure to plan for redundancy, do not rely on building air conditioning system for back up
  • Temperature monitoring

Electrical Systems

  • IT equipment and HVAC should have separate power panels
  • There should be no heat-generating support equipment
  • Electrical systems should have an isolated ground, grounding grid and dedicated neutral
  • If needed, back-up power should be available for any server room or data centre


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