Moving a data centre to a new PURPOSE-BUILT location

Audiovisual Data Centre Design & Build For Vitec Group PLC

Employing around 1,700 people in 11 different countries, Vitec is a leading global provider of premium branded solutions to the fast changing and growing image capture and sharing market. The company designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance products including camera supports, camera mounted electronic accessories, robotic camera systems, prompters, LED lights, mobile power, monitors and bags. Customers include broadcasters, independent content creators, photographers and enterprises.

Bury St. Edmunds, UK

Audiovisual Data Centre Design & Build


In January 2017, Vitec began preparing for a move to a new smaller site in Bury St Edmunds. The company was consolidating a number of functions and required less space. One element of this large-scale move was a audiovisual data centre relocation. Ben Skinner, Head of Corporate Networks and Infrastructure at Vitec, managed the data centre tender process, giving interested companies a free rein and leaving the tender open to creativity. 

Three companies tendered and INFINITI was successful in winning the work. “I was keen to see a range of creative ideas,” said Ben. “Price was also a factor of course. INFINITI gave us a good price and some really creative ideas on how to best use the space available. We preferred INFINITI’s design and approach to the brief, and decided to progress the project with them.” 

Ben accurately predicted that installing the audiovisual data centre while construction companies were working on site would prove to be a considerable challenge. The INFINITI team would need to be flexible with stopping and starting work when required, to allow the office build to take place.


INFINITI began the project in June 2017. The data centre was designed to facilitate future growth, with specifications to support expanding operations by up to 33%. The work included: 

  • Design and build of a new data centre to accommodate the relocation of business operations 
  • Design, installation and provision of one hour fire rated block up doorways, security door and heavy duty anti-static vinyl flooring 
  • Provision of UPS 30kVA/ 27kW, bypass panel and electrical systems, design and installation of electrical systems and 100kVA generator 
  • Design and build of noncritical electrical systems, lighting, fire and security systems and resilient cooling systems
  • Provision of eight server cabinets 
  • Design and installation of fire suppression systems 
  • Environmental Monitoring System and certified CAT6 data systems within the data centre


The entire project was completed on time before September 2017 and within the budget. The INFINITI team were understanding and flexible in their approach to the difficult conditions, with builders needing to make progress on the adjacent office build so staff could move in before the deadline. “We have high standards and we completely appreciated the flexibility shown by INFINITI,” says Ben. “We now have a fantastic room that works well and looks impressive.” Ben was also particularly pleased with:
  • The way the INFINITI team used the space 
  • The design of the airflows 
  • How the room is managed 
  • The raised floor that was not part of the original plan but was created with flexibility and patience 
Ben believes he made an excellent decision in choosing INFINITI and would recommend them to anyone involved in a challenging data centre project.


I would definitely recommend INFINITI. They have a great hard work ethic and are reliable and easy to liaise with. They also implemented everything that was promised when they said it would be. I found it reassuring to be able to speak to the company director Peter Sands whenever I needed to and he always responded quickly.” 
Ben Skinner, Head of Corporate Networks and Infrastructure, Vitec 

This was an interesting and challenging project for the INFINITI team yet we work well under pressure and we rose to the challenge. Providing an outstanding customer experience is a priority for us and I believe we did this for Vitec through a creative design that was implemented with efficiency and flexibility 
Peter Sands, Managing Director, INFINITI

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