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Case Study: Global Financial Company (Edinburgh) 

Data centre build and back-up generator solution in a new office building

INFINITI support a global finance company with a data centre build and back-up generator solution in new company offices.

In the winter of 2012 a global financial company began searching for a company to support them with a data centre build in a new office building. As a financial services company they also needed to ensure payment card industry (PCI) compliance so they were looking for an organisation who could help and advise with this too. Soon after the tender process they began working with INFINITI and within seven weeks the project was complete, delivering full compliance and a hassle free office move.

Edinburgh, Scotland



The corporations Data Centre Manager drew up a tender in late 2012 and a number of companies applied to carry out the work. They needed consultancy for PCI compliance, and an organisation who could manage an entire data centre build from scratch, to service the growing organisation in a brand new office building. The new building was a completely blank canvas so the INFINITI team had to start from the ground up. The client is an international company and the IT team of eight didn’t have hours to focus on the project. They therefore needed a company they could trust to get on with the build and a team that were guaranteed to tick all the compliance boxes.


INFINITI won the tender in December 2012. According to their Data Centre Manager: “We chose INFINITI due to their excellent knowledge of data centre construction, plus they also gave us good advice within our budget.” The work started soon after and INFINITI began building a new purpose-built data centre with PCI compliance and future growth in mind. The work carried out included: 

Segregated data centre build

To support PCI compliance, INFINITI separated the new high density data centre into restricted key fobbed areas suitable for staff with security clearance, and other areas where IT staff without security clearance were free to enter.

Air conditioning, power and safety

The segregated data centre included dual air conditioning across all areas, as well as backup power and fire suppression – all to a high standard. A solution to support future growth The data centre is able to support 80kw although only 35kw are needed at the moment. The extra capacity is to support the additional expected growth of the company in the future. Server virtualisation has also been built into the solution, again to support greater capacity requirements in the future.

A 10 tonne generator

INFINITI organised a contract lift utilising a 200 tonne crane for a 10 tonne generator to be lifted on top of the new office building to support the new data centre.

A fast track response 

According to INFINITI’s Managing Director Peter Sands: “We completed the work within seven weeks. It was all hands to the deck to get this high density facility completed. The INFINITI team had to work to the deadline of the office move and in keeping with the timelines of this significant project.

Weekly stakeholder meetings

One of the requirements was that weekly meetings were carried out on site with all project stakeholders, so INFINITI worked closely with the team to make this happen.


INFINITI completed the project to specification, within budget, and most importantly, within the deadlines involved. The client was able to vacate their old location and move to the new offices on time. The organisation is now fully PCI compliant and therefore has no concerns around associated PCI fines. INFINITI now manages the ongoing maintenance and deals with any emergency callouts.

The benefits experienced include:

  • A successful long term virtualised solution to support future and global growth 
  • Easy management and ongoing peace of mind 
  • Current and future compliance – meeting global standards and regulations now and in the future 
  • A competitive solution that meets timescales and budget requirements 
  • Deep understanding of the work required from the initial scope document 
  • No disruption to business 
  • A highly visible and friendly team 


INFINITI managed this project without relying on input from our already busy team. They went over and above what was required of them to solve issues – even removing a heating system that wasn’t part of their remit, but helped to save time. We would definitely use them again due to the effort and good work they put into this project.” 
Clients Data Centre Manager

“Designing a fully complaint PCI high density data centre within the financial services sector in record time posed a unique set of obstacles and challenges. The client’s IT team gave us their full trust and confidence and so quickly approved our design stages, which made the fast track project possible. This data centre construction project is a testament of what can be achieved when both client and contractor work together in tandem.”
Peter Sands, Managing Director, INFINITI

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