Case Study: International Data Centre Refurbishment & Solutions for ARM.

Case Study: International Data Centre Refurbishment & Solutions for ARM.

Supporting Business Continuity and Growth. 

International Data Centre Refurbishment to Improve Energy Efficiency

ARM design scalable, energy efficient‑processors and related technologies to deliver the intelligence in applications ranging from sensors to servers, including smartphones, tablets, enterprise infrastructure and the Internet of Things.

ARM’s Global Data Centre Manager, Richard Stern has worked closely with INFINITI over the last decade and asked the team there to support him with a number of international projects. INFINITI has now worked on several projects for ARM. These include: Consultancy, Design, Build and Maintenance of New Data Centres Across EMEA.

Headquarters in Cambridge, UK

Digital technology 


Bringing national and international data centres and server rooms up to date.

With 40 offices across the world and 3,300 employees, ARM needed to make sure that its server rooms and data centres were up to date, fully effective and energy efficient. With Richard Stern managing this operation single handedly, it was important for the organisation to select an outstanding and trustworthy data centre partner. 

The challenges faced by the organisation can be summarised as: 

  • A number of server rooms across EMEA needed to be updated and transformed into data centres 
  • Areas of the business were making changes to the data centres themselves and they needed support to be able to do this 
  • Budget restrictions and a strong focus on return on investment 
  • Minimal downtime during data centre updates 
  • Staff working in different time zones 
  • Differing regulations to be adhered to in international, national and local areas


Richard had worked with INFINITI’s Managing Director Peter Sands in previous roles so he was already aware of INFINITI and what they could achieve. When Richard took on the role of Global Data Centre Manager he asked Peter to quote for a number of projects, many of which Peter and his team have worked on and the relationship has grown from there. 

According to Richard: “I needed a company I could trust to do the work without me constantly having to check on their progress. INFINITI have been very good and I haven’t had to micro‑manage them.”

As ARM has acquired new companies, the INFINITI team has been asked to travel to countries across EMEA to integrate their server rooms and data centres. This requires deep national and regional knowledge surrounding codes of conduct and global standards. The INFINITI team must also overcome language barriers and work with local planning offices to get the job done correctly. When the data centre refurbishments have been finalised, INFINITI sources a local and trustworthy organisation to manage the maintenance contract ongoing. This type of work has been carried out in Galway, Budapest and the Nordics, and supports business continuity and scalability. 

Installing a new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) at Cambridge HQ 

When one of the facilities at the Cambridge headquarters began to run out of capacity due to increased volumes of infrastructure, INFINITI installed a new UPS in the datacentre refurbishment, with no downtime at all to the business. 

An overheating server room in France 

INFINITI was able to identify why a server room in France was overheating. They uncovered the issue and ensured that the French company who owned the maintenance contract fixed it to a high standard and made other recommendations and improvements to improve operation efficiency.


ARM is pleased with the high standard of service it received from INFINITI on these projects. 

The team has been very responsive and work with the different stakeholders without any issues: architects, landlords, construction companies, councils, and ARM staff. They have been quick to react to our needs and overcame language barriers.” 

INFINITI has played a key role in updating ARM’s infrastructure with very little downtime for mission critical facilities. Costs have also been kept in line with ARM’s budget, supporting their return on investment and energy efficiency targets across EMEA. 


All the work carried out by INFINITI has gone to plan, on time and within budget and I am very satisfied with what they’ve achieved for us. They take the time to fully understand our requirements and would have no objection to using their services again in the future.” 
Richard Stern, Global Data Centre Manager, ARM Ltd 

With ARM we offer a complete end‑to‑end data centre solution, quick turnaround times and flexible working hours - all to an incredibly high standard.” 
Peter Sands, Managing Director, INFINITI

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