Are You Prepared for IoT & Its Impact Upon Data Handling?

If you are not already aware, the IoT (Internet of Things) has caused the volume of data to sky rocket. With endless forms of data flooding the internet, businesses’ need to prepare themselves in being able to quantify and manage its increase. 

Christine Hall of ‘Data Center Knowledge’ predicts that with 5G connections becoming accessible within industry, data transfer between devices and servers will become unprecedented in terms of speed and accessibility.

With data exchange become faster than ever before, there will be an obvious knock on effect for data centres and the ability for them handle data. Businesses will have to quickly adapt to new technologies to handle the ‘quantum leap’ of incoming traffic.

This is where AI comes into play. Deep & Machine AI Learning are likely to play a huge role in the quantification of data for the future. Deep Learning in particular, has the steadfast ability to interpret and categorise what is known as ‘unstructured data’. Unstructured data is a widened form of data that is not predisposed to specificity and is one of the direct results of the IoT.  It is scattered and highly unorganised – but Deep Learning sees it all the same and can organise it in a way that is easier to pattern. 

Because of trends in data and the evolution of IoT, Edge data centres will no doubt see an increase in volume in order to fulfill these new requirements of data handling. Edge computing allows for the ability to handle data from multiple locations; rather than having data collated in or at one location (which can be counter efficient at this point). Edge computing allows for businesses to scatter their data throughout the cloud and/or smaller data centres depending on the business needs, allowing for a lot more customisation and specificity in the handling of data.  

As Deep and Machine Learning begin to grow, Edge will be right behind. Deep/Machine Learning and Edge will likely form a harmonious partnership under the theory that Deep and Machine Learning will be used to pinpoint and interpret specific types of data which will then be fed into individual Edge data centres scattered around the business and its operation.

So maybe the beast that is the IoT will be tamed within good time... and as a result, a new lease of data management will likely take hold of the industry.

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