A power distribution unit mounted internally within a server or data centre cabinet may come in a variety of different configurations, and offer functionality on many different levels. Server cabinet & data rack PDUs can mount horizontally (Zero U) or vertically and the topology commonly used to best describe a power strip are basic, monitored, and switched.

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

As the server hardware density increases in your data centre or server room, it is vital the correct rack power strip or PDU's are specified and installed to safely supply the correct amount of power, monitoring and accessibility. We supply a variety of PDU solutions from leading manufactures to suit any data centre or server room requirement. Our PDU's are either a single or three phase input, configured with IEC C13 & C19 as standard stock or can be bespoke manufactured.

Basic Rack PDU

Basic starter range PDU are a low cost solution and available in variety of configurations to suit many different data centre or server room requirements.

Monitored Rack PDU 

Intermediate range PDU includes I.P. monitoring via Ethernet, built in webserver, and an LCD screen displaying amps & watts. Using monitored PDU in your data centre or server room allows you to monitor your power usage, helping to improve efficiency, uptime and growth

Switched Rack PDU

Top level range PDU includes I.P. monitoring, webserver, LCD screen displaying amps & watts, power cycling and reporting down to each receptacle.    

Static Transfer Switches 

Power supplies internally mounted within server room or data centre cabinets come in a variety of different configurations, and offer functionality on many different levels. PDU's such as ATS or STS can help increase resilience for server of network hardware with single PSU's. In Line Static Transfer Switches (STS) or Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) increase power resilience and provide a simple solution for hardware with single PSU's such as network switches.

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Power Distribution Unit 

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Power Distribution Unit 

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