Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

Bespoke DCIM solutions designed to easily manage the infrastructure and resources of you're data centre, including power, cooling, capacity, and IT assets.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage, organise, and monitor the critical components of your data centre. With the ever increasing complexity of modern data centres, it has become a necessity to use DCIM software to effectively manage and optimise data centre resources.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) 

The primary focus of modern data centre administrators is to improve operational efficiencies, minimise expenses, and ensure uninterrupted availability of online services. In the past, achieving optimal resource utilisation while simultaneously enhancing performance was a daunting task, even for seasoned IT and facilities management teams.

DCIM software helps data centre managers to monitor, manage, and optimise their data centres for efficiency and uptime. By providing real-time visibility into the data centre's infrastructure, a DCIM system helps to identify potential problems before they lead to downtime and enables data centre managers to plan for capacity and growth.
Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software

Complete Data Centre Management Software 

We provide innovative software for managing data centre infrastructure which offers valuable real-time information on power, space, and cooling. This information can help you optimise capacity, reduce risks, and improve efficiency. We have assessed the potential of DCIM and are confident that it can bring significant benefits to your data centre in four crucial areas.

  • Thermal Management - User friendly managing of available cooling capacity between IT devices and facility
  • Data Centre Monitoring - Real time data and automated actioning 
  • Capacity Planning - Tools to maximise current IT resources and project business growth
  • Energy Management - Improve efficiency, minimise costs, and ensure industry compliance. 

DCIM Software

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DCIM Benefits 

We provide bespoke DCIM solutions which deliver superior monitoring, trending, alerting, and innovative data organisation capabilities.

  • Monitor all devices via streamlined integration with existing business systems 
  • Ensure consistent processes and systems across numerous data centres
  • Customisable graphics
  • Identify trends to plan and optimise operations across multiple environments
  • Improve operational awareness across all key IT assets and critical systems
  • Set your own views with the modern user interface to focus on the data you require
  • Improve uptime of servers with proactive threat resolution tools
  • Save time with focused setup, management and monitoring

DCIM Benefits and ServicesData Centre Infrastructure Management Software

DCIM Features

Delivering a easy-to-use monitoring software. We provide a complete DCIM solution that helps ensure continuous power, cooling and monitoring of your critical infrastructure.

  • Powerful real-time monitoring, alarming and alerting 
  • Provides a modern user interface enabling complete user flexibility and control 
  • Globally available and supported 
  • Automated reporting, graphs and focused dashboards 
  • Vendor neutral SNMP configuration
  • Trap recipient and threshold alarming tools
  • Offers a customisable data visualisation and flow 
  • Multi-site and global deployment ready
  • Integrates via an API 
  • Enables grouping and collections for user-customised data 

Infrastructure Management Software For Data CentresCamera for Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software
What Is Data Centre Monitoring?

What Is Data Centre Monitoring?

A critical aspect of keeping your data centre running efficiently is monitoring the live status and health of your IT environment. This includes keeping track of metrics in real time such as rack power, cooling, battery backup and network utilisation so you can identify any potential issues before they arise. 

Monitoring your data centre also provides the critical insight needed to improve efficiency, maximise energy savings, and mitigate any potential downtime to services. With DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) software, you can collect and analyse data from sensors and devices within your data centre environment, helping you make data driven decisions in real time.

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