Rear Door Cooling Solutions

Rear Door Cooling Solutions

Rear door cabinet cooling or back of rack systems are becoming the more favourable choice for data centre cooling. They are referred to as rear door heat exchanges (RDHE), and ideal for high density computing environments that utilise Blade or high performance clusters (HPC).  They also offer an ideal cooling solution for a data centre, server, & computer room with space and height constraints. They come configured as either Passive or Active Systems. 

The RDHE design is a very efficient solution for a high density data centre. At standard chilled water design temperatures they are capable of supporting up to 35kW + a rack. At higher design temperatures the duty of the coil is reduced, but the amount of available annualised free cooling is greatly increased. Selecting the right cooling system will also have a significant effect on the PUE or DCiE.

The overall design of your data centre cooling systems should be sized to the I.T. load, with the ability to expand without disruption to critical services which avoids energy wastage due to system losses. It is vital to build redundancy into your data centre cooling systems. RDHE units require minimal servicing ideally every 3 - 6 months, and redundant systems provide additional resilience and facilitate repairs during maintenance checks.

  • Passive RDHE Cooling Systems
  • Active RDHE Cooling Systems

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