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Data Centre Temporary Cooling

The purpose of portable air conditioning is to offer a flexible and temporary option for cooling. These units are designed to be effortlessly placed within a room, requiring minimal installation aside from an electrical power source and a means of venting the hot exhaust air.

Data centres demand precise levels of cooling to ensure continuous operation and optimal performance, with low temperatures being a key requirement. Our portable and energy efficient air conditioning solutions are designed to meet these demanding cooling needs, ensuring data centres remain operational during maintenance or potential failures. 

Data Centre Temporary Cooling Solutions

We provide complete data centre temporary cooling solutions which are both energy efficient and ideal for any enclosed spaces. They have been specifically designed to be the most compact solution available on the market whilst consuming less power saving you electrical costs. 

Our data centre temporary cooling units are programmable and designed to provide emergency cooling 24/7 including out of hours and weekend periods. We can also provide an built-in condensing coil (heat exchanger) to collect unneeded moisture from the air into a removable cartridge or tray that will require emptying when full. This is normally signalled via an alarm indicator.

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Data Centre Temporary Cooling SolutionsData Centre Temporary Cooling

Portable data centre temporary cooling units provide temporary cooling for IT closets, computer and server rooms when you need a quick and easy to install source of cooling. Portable AC units can help to solve cooling problems during excessive temperatures such as a heatwave or when a built-in AC system has failed or is being maintained.

With the option of using up to 30 meters of water line it is very flexible ensuring it can go into almost any application. Our solutions use a self contained chilled water system. The water circulates through a water cooled condenser where the heat is absorbed and then is pumped through the water lines to the outdoor unit where the water is cooled. Key Product Features include:

  • Efficient & Low Power Usage
  • Versatile Portable Air Conditioning 
  • 30 Meter Length (Includes 30m Water Line)
  • Quick Connection & Set Up
  • 100% Effective Cooling & Humidifying

Data centre temporary cooling units for hire

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Chiller Hire Services

We are committed to providing your business with the most suitable, cost-effective, and reliable chiller hire package. Our chiller rental service encompasses project management from beginning to end, including delivery and installation, as well as removal and collection. Our efficient rental service is designed to avoid any interruptions to your or your clients' day to day services. Contact us today for more information regarding our chiller hire services. 

  • Price Competitive
  • 24/7 Support
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Small Footprint
  • Designed for the rental industry
  • Cooling Experts
  • Large range of chillers

Chiller Hire Services

Chiller Hire Services In The UK


How long can I hire a data centre temporary cooling unit for? 

We offer flexible hire contracts from short to long term agreements that are tailored to your cooling requirements. To receive a more accurate idea of cost and temporary cooling rental period options contact us today

How quickly can I get a chiller on site? 

We keep a selection of chiller units in stock, along with spare parts. Delivery is dependent on site location, type of equipment required and whether you need installation & commissioning.

Is your initial consultation free? 

Yes, we offer an initial no-obligation meeting free of charge for our temproary cooling solutions. Call us on 01993 774444 for your free meeting with our chiller hire experts or fill in our fast quote form


What type of temporary cooling units can I hire? 

We offer a large range of data centre temporary cooling hire units such as; Air Cooled chillers or Water Cooled Chillers.

What support guarantees can you offer? 

Our rental customers benefit from our 24/7 support, 365 days of the year. Our data centre temporary cooling experts are always on hand to advise throughout the chiller hire period. 

Can I extend the hire period if I need the unit for longer than anticipated?

Yes, you can extend the hire period of a temporary cooling unit if you need it for longer than anticipated. Contact our team for further information regarding our chiller hire services. 

Climate Change: Is your data centre at risk?

Climate Change: Is your data centre at risk? 

For an insight of the climate change risk to UK data centres, earlier this year the Committee of Climate Change offered a detailed report. The authors pointed out that it’s difficult to make a quantitative assessment of the risks due to the lack of visibility into locations and connectivity arrangements of the UK’s private-sector data centres.

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