Micro Data Centre Quote

Micro Data Centre Quote

We have years of experience delivering micro data centre solutions, and from this we have created our unique fast quote form. It takes less then a minute to complete, and will provide you with an accurate budget quotation for your forthcoming micro data centre design and build project you can use to support your business case or capital funds request. 

Our fast quote form allows you to quickly and easily receive pricing for your upcoming micro data centre design and build project.

Micro Data Centre Fast Quote

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Nano Data Centre Solutions

The possibilities of using Nano Data Centres as a solution are almost unlimited, whether for a high-performance application, an IP rated solution for hazardous or harsh environments or for accommodating branch offices and remote devices in an office area. The ability to scale the Nano Data Centre cost-effectively (compared to traditional white space Data Centres) and to accommodate more racks or dense loads seamlessly is a key benefit for the Infiniti Nano Data Centre.

Our Nano Data Centre provides a cost-effective solution for rapidly deploying IT capacity exactly where it is needed. This modular and highly efficient solution can easily scale to accommodate the needs of today and the rapid growth of tomorrow, even in space constrained environments.

Nano Data Centre

Nano Data Centre Services Nano Data Centre Solutions

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