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The term micro data centre is used to describe a facility with the ability to support an IT load (day one and future expansion) of around 200kVA or 30 cabinets, based on an average density model of 5kW per cabinet.

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Put simply, the further the distance from a data facility, the longer it will take to deliver the data and digital services - this will come with increased bandwidth costs also. In the current decade, several IT trends including IoT (Internet of things) and CDN (content distribution networks) are driving the need to reduce telecommunications latency and bandwidth costs. Therefore, the micro data centre was created!

Placing your micro data centre closer to the point of utilisation is known as edge computing. Distributing a micro data centre closer to the points of use reduces both latency and costs. These facilities also provide physical infrastructure benefits that apply to any small facility regardless of the latency requirement.

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Our Process

Following an initial micro data centre consultation and site survey, our award-winning team will provide you with initial designs, proposals, and pricing for approvals, followed up with detailed designs, performance specifications and quotations prior to works commencing. During your micro data centre construction project, you will have an experienced INFINITI site manager as your point of contact, ensuring that all works go smoothly and worry free throughout your micro data centre build.

We offer complete transparency with all aspects of the micro data centre design and build package, and our expert knowledge ensures you get the right solution for your needs and budget, alongside detailed analysis of energy usage and ongoing proactive maintenance.

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Nano Data Centre Solutions

The possibilities of using Nano Data Centres as a solution are almost unlimited, whether for a high-performance application, an IP rated solution for hazardous or harsh environments or for accommodating branch offices and remote devices in an office area. The ability to scale the Nano Data Centre cost-effectively (compared to traditional white space Data Centres) and to accommodate more racks or dense loads seamlessly is a key benefit for the Infiniti Nano Data Centre.

Our Nano Data Centre provides a cost-effective solution for rapidly deploying IT capacity exactly where it is needed. This modular and highly efficient solution can easily scale to accommodate the needs of today and the rapid growth of tomorrow, even in space constrained environments.

Nano Data Centre

Nano Data Centre SolutionsNano Data Centre Services
What Are The Benefits Of A Micro Data Centre?

What Are The Benefits Of A Micro Data Centre?

The constant increase of digital services via our mobile devices and countless other applications are changing the way data facilities are deployed. As more and more demand is placed on IT infrastructures for these services, data takes longer to reach any given destination dependent on location. 

The further this distance, the longer it will take to deliver its digital services – this also increases bandwidth costs. This is where a micro data centre come into play.

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