Floor Grommets 

Cable Grommet INF-AG11

The INF-AG11 is designed to fit the most common raised access floor cut out , ie.127mm diameter. The 2 part grommet fits around cables and is held in position with 4 self tapping screws. Opposing bristles within the grommet overlap and a secondary lower gasket combine to form an air tight seal. When cabled the bristles form a natural seal around the cables.
The cable opening is wide enough to allow 16amp and/or 32amp commando socket to pass through the bristles. The bristles then align to form a tight air seal around the flexible conduit. Eliminating by-pass air improves the operational efficiency of the data centre, helping to reduce running costs and improves cooling performance.


Overall: 165mm
Cut Out: 127mm
Max Cable Area: 100mm