Floor Grommets 

Cable Grommet INF-AG1

The INF-AG1 virtually eliminates bypass air and forms an integral part of the hardware cost control tools of the data centre’s infrastructure.
Independent testing has shown that the grommet’s overlapping brush system seals more effectively than brushes that meet in the centre of the grommet (cabling rarely passes perfectly through the centre of the grommet but rather leans to one side). The overlapping brushes compensate for gaps created by cables forming “V” openings in the brush system.
  • “Better Seal” overlapping brush system
  • Latched removable front edge to facilitate easy cable installation
  • Suitable for installation almost anywhere within the floor panel, even at the edge
  • Manufactured from high strength ABS flame retardant materials
  • Brush material rated V0 flame retardant
  • All material RoSH compliant
  • Pack supplied with cutting template and fixing hardware


Overall: 328mm x 162mm
Cut Out: 265mm x 115mm (Centre Cut) 135mm (Perimeter Cut)
Max Cable Area: 230mm x 65mm
Max Cable Opening: 230mm x 115mm