Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Temperature, Airflow, Humidity & Dewpoint Sensor

The RTAFHD3 (Remote Temperature, Airflow, Humidity, Dew Point) is an all-in-one data centre sensor providing multiple remote environment readings as a complete package.

• Provides measurements for temperature, humidity, air flow and dew point

The Benifits of the Geist Remote TAFHD Sensor
• +/- 0.5 ºC accuracy
• Small and lightweight
• Compatible devices support up to 16 sensors
Built to remotely monitor computer cabinet or server room conditions, the RTAFHD3 contains sensors for determining temperature, humidity, air flow and dew point. Set multiple alarms and get alerts via email, SMS, SNMP or voice phone call*. Up to 16 RTAFHD3 sensors can be attached to a Geist Climate Monitor. Sensors can span a total cable distance of up to 600’.
Like other digital sensors, RTAFHD3 sensors communicate with a Geist Climate Monitor through a serial protocol. When the sensor is plugged into a digital sensor port, the monitor automatically detects and identifies the sensor. Each sensor is given a “friendly” name for easy identification. Sensor readings are collected, logged and graphed by the Geist Climate Monitor along with alarm configuration and notification.
Temperature: Normal operating range: 5 to 60 °C (41 to 140 °F), 20-80% RH
Maximum Operating Range: -40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F), 0-100% RH
Accuracy: +/-0.5 °C (0.9 °F), +/-2% RH (over normal operating range)
+/-1 °C(1.8 °F) and +/-5% RH (outside of normal operating range)
Humidity: Normal operating range: 20% to 80% RH Accuracy (normal range)
 +/- 2% RH at 25°C Extended range: 0% to 100% RH
Dew Point: -40 to 185 °F (-40 to 85 °C)
Air Flow: 0 to 100 (relative value)
Cable type: Cat-3 with RJ-12 connector
•Cable length: 12 foot. Contact us for pricing regarding’ 20’ft, 50ft’, 100ft’ or custom length options.
 Installation Service 
 A full environmental monitoring system installation service is available, please contact us here for more information or visit our