Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Server Room Remote Temperature Sensor

Small and accurate, the server room remote temperature sensor is great for monitoring hot spots in your data centre or server room.
The Benifits of the Geist Remote Temperature Sensor
• +/- 0.5 ºC accuracy
• Small and lightweight
• Compatible devices support up to 16 sensors
Use the accurate server room remote temperature sensor to measure temperatures of critical locations in a data centre or server room. The small size and weight makes them easy to install where you need them.
Geist Climate Monitors support up to 16 remote temperature sensors with a maximum combined cable length of 600ft’.
Connecting to the Geist Climate Monitor
There are two options for connecting the server room remote temperature sensor to a Geist EMS. You can connect the sensor directly to the Analog Input Terminals, or, if other sensors occupy these inputs or the climate monitor does not have them, then you can use a CCAT interface to connect the sensor to a digital port.
SNMP, Email & SMS Alerts
You can configure alarms using the Geist Climate Monitor’s web interface. With the appropriate alarm thresholds the Geist Climate Monitor will send you an alert via email or SNMP trap when specified thresholds are exceed.. Some units can also trigger an alarm buzzer or energise an output relay in response to an alarm.
Temperature: -55°C to 125 °C, +/- 0.5 °C
•Cable type: Cat-3 with RJ-12 connector
•Cable length: 12 foot. Contact us for pricing regarding’ 20’ft, 50ft’, 100ft’ or custom length options.
 Installation Service 
 A full environmental monitoring system installation service is available, please contact us here for more information or visit our