Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Door Position Sensor

The Geist door position sensor is a small magnetic sensor used to determine a door's position. 
This sensor offers a low-cost method to monitor access doors or cabinets that should remain closed.
The non-contact magnetic switch mounts to the door of a server rack or equipment room and connects to a Geist Climate Monitor.
The Benifits of the Geist Door Position Sensor
• Used to remotely detect whether a door is open or closed
• Connects to the Geist Climate Monitor via Analog Input or Analog to Digital Converter
• Receive alarms via email or SNMP
 Remotely check the door status through the web interface or use alarms to notify you if a door is open.
The sensor consists of two main parts, a magnet and a switch with terminals to connect the signal wires, the magnet mounts to a door or access panel, while the switch mounts to the frame.
When the door is closed the two pieces should be within 1/2" of each other. When the door opens this distance increases, eventually toggling the switch.
This allows the Geist Climate Monitor to know when the door is open.
Connecting to the Geist Climate Monitor
There are two options for connecting the door position sensor to the Geist Climate Monitor.
You can connect the sensor directly to the Analog Input Terminals, or, if other sensors occupy these inputs or the climate monitor doesn't have them, then you can use a Analog to Digital Converter to connect the sensor to a digital port.
Multiple door position sensors can be wired in a series to a single Analog Input or Analog to Digital Converter.
This is a good way to free up inputs when you don't need to know the specific door that is open, just that at least one door in the group is.
SNMP, Email, SMS Alerts & Alarms
You can configure alarms using the Geist Climate Monitor's web interface. With the appropriate alarm thresholds the Geist Climate Monitor will send you an alert via email or SNMP trap if a door is detected open. Some units can also trigger an alarm buzzer or energise an output relay in response to an alarm.
Normally-closed dry-contact sensor
Insulation may be required if mounting to metal doors
Holes for screw-mounting
Cable type: 2-conductor Cable length: 15ft. Contact us for pricing regarding’ 50ft’, or 100ft’ options.
 Installation Service 
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