Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Analog to Digital Converter

A digital sensor that translates the signal from an analog sensor into a digital value, expanding the Geist Climate Monitor's analog input capacity.
Does your application need more analog sensors than your Geist environmental monitoring system has available inputs? Connect extra analog sensors using Analog to Digital Converters. Attach an analog sensor to the screw terminals on the Analog to Digital Converter, then plug the modular jack end of the cable to a digital-sensor port. The interface converts the signal from the analog sensor into a digital value. This allows the Geist environmental monitoring system to monitor more analog sensors than the built-in Analog Inputs support.
The Benifits of the Geist Analog to Digital Converter
  • Bridges an analog sensor to the digital-sensor bus
  • Add up to 16 additional analog inputs using Analog to Digital Converters
  • Factory programmed to match sensor type

Digital Sensors
The monitoring system uses a serial protocol to communicate with sensors connected to the digital-sensor bus. When a digital sensor is plugged in, the monitor automatically detects and identifies the sensor. Each sensor can be given a "friendly" name to make it easier to identify. The Geist monitoring system cycles through the digital sensors to collect and log new readings. If a value exceeds a user-defined thresholds, the unit sends alerts through email or SNMP.
A Geist Climate Monitor can support up to 16 digital sensors. The combined cable length for these sensors can be up to 600ft depending on environment. To prevent electronic interference, avoid running sensor cable near high-power decides and minimise cable length.
Each Analog to Digital Converter is programmed at the factory according to what type of analog sensor will be attached. The climate monitor uses this information to interpret the sensor values and display them in the proper measurement scale. Examples of Analog to Digital Converter types include Water sensor, door position, digital (for dry-contact sensors), and Analog (0 to 5VDC signal).
Analog to Digital Converter Dimensions: 58mm Long x 28mm Wide x 24mm High
Amperage range: 30, 60, 120 amps,
AC Output: 0 to 5 VDC, proportional to current
Accuracy: +/- 2% from 10% to 100% full scale
Connections: 2-position screw-terminal block

 Installation Service 
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