Leak Detection Geist  

Moisture Sensor 15ft


The Geist Water Detection Spot Moisture Sensor is used to identify specific points that are vulnerable to water in your data centre or server room, such as moisture traps or beneath pipe junctions.

The easy to use moisture sensor connects to the Geist Climate Monitor via Analog Input or Analog to Digital Converter, and will allow you to receive alarms via email or SNMP should a leak be detected.

The water sensor allows the Geist Climate Monitor to detect leaks that could damage your equipment. The sensor measures conductivity and indicates whether the sensor is dry, damp, or completely immersed in water.
When water or other conductive liquid is present, a tiny electrical current flows between the metal contacts on the sensor. The more liquid the higher the current. A cable attached to the senor allows the climate monitor to detect the presence and severity of a leak. Some example sources include:
•- Plumbing fixtures
•- Air-conditioner drip pans
•- Condensation-outflow pans
- •Roof/Ceiling leaks
Connecting to the Geist Climate Monitor
There are two options for connecting the water sensor to the Geist Climate Monitor. Since the water sensor provides a 0-5 VDC it can connect directly to an Analog Input. If other sensors occupy these inputs or the climate monitor doesn'’t have them, then you can use a Analog to Digital Converter interface to convert the sensor to digital.
Multiple water sensors can be wired in parallel to a single Analog Input or Analog to Digital Converter. This is a good way to free up inputs for other types of sensors, but you won’t know exactly which sensor detected the leak.

The web interface provided by the Geist Climate Monitor allows you to configure alarms to notify you if water is present. The notification is sent through email and/or SNMP tap. Some units can also trigger an alarm buzzer or energise an output relay.
Conductivity-based sensor (0-5 VDC)
•Cable length: 15’ft (100ft option available)
•Cable type: 2-conductor wire
Installation Service 
 A full water leak detection system installation service is available, please contact us here for more information or visit our