Leak Detection Geist  

Leak Detection Tape 25ft

 The Geist 25ft water leak detection tape is used to extend the cover of your existing Geist Water Leak Detection System, allowing you to surround the periphery of a room or encircle rows of data cabinets within your data centre or server room, as the Geist leak detection tape is able to detect liquid along its whole length.
Connecting to the Geist Climate Monitor 

The leak detection tape connects to the leader cable which in turn connects to the interface box. Signals from the interface box then run to the Geist Climate Monitor, alerting you when the leak detection system is activated.
SNMP, Email & SMS Alerts

Once the leak detection tape is connected to the Geist Climate Monitor, it will constantly monitor your data centre or server room for the presence of moisture. Should a leak be detected, the Geist Climate Monitor will notify you via an alarm, email and/or SNMP tap. 
25 Foot Leak Detection Length
(Also comes in 10ft50ft and 100ft lengths.)

Installation Service 
 A full environmental monitoring system installation service is available, please contact us here for more information or visit our