Blanking Panels, Rack Panels, NY200, Air-Shield and REN100B Clips and Systems

Air-Shield Blanking System 500U

Blanking panels reduce high intake air temperatures by preventing hot exhaust air from circulating to the front of the IT cabinets. This improves IT equipment reliability and supports cooling infrastructure optimization, they are also an aesthetic and practical option to block the gaps in a server cabinet or comms rack to assist in the maintenance of hot and cold aisles of a data centre or server room.
  • Made from light weight flame retardant material
  • Anti-Static treated
  • Easy to shape around odd sizes
  • Low cost
  • Push/Pull grip fasteners – 200 supplied per box of 500u
  • An air and dirt seal foam gasket in fitted to the cable mouth
  • Cable opening is adjustable to suit cable size
  • Supplied in handy box size of 500u
  • Tear and Fit 10u blanking panel sheets
Overall Dimension: 49cm x 44cm
Cut Out Dimension: 49cm x length of opening