Meet the Team

We truly pride ourselves in being able to offer a unique client experience based on your exact needs and requirements. As a result, we feel that being able to put a face to the name in our ever-expanding team is an important part of the process.  

Pete Sands - Lead Specialist

 After establishing INFINITI in 2011, Pete has continued to become a recognised individual within industry - offering unparalleled service and consultancy on both a national and international scale. With over 20 years of experience, Pete offers an extensive working portfolio and expertise within his given field, and continues to demonstrate thought leadership throughout industry whilst still continuing to be fully involved onsite throughout the duration of each project.  

Henry Ettinger - Marketing & Service Manager

After joining the business in the summer of 2018, Henry has established himself as the leading Marketing Executive for INFINITI. Working on various projects within the music industry and gaining insight to online marketing. Henry has become responsible for managing and maintaining the business' online presence throughout a variety of digital platforms.   


Martin Batts - Data Centre Engineer & Site Manager  

Since joining the business in 2012, Martin has established himself as a Data Centre Engineer & the primary Site Manager for INFINITI. Martin has become a highly experience engineer whilst further adopting the role of site manager. Martin is our primary site operator and will oversee projects on both a national and international scale. 

Calam Branch - Data Centre Engineer  

After joining the business in 2017, Calam has established himself as a Data Centre Engineer for INFINITI.  Calam has gained crucial experience in becoming an onsite engineer, focusing primarily on build and maintenance, and is continuing to develop himself in becoming a highly experienced member of the team.