Our Commitment to
Energy Efficient data centres 

Our mission is to create energy efficient data centre environments, lowering your PUE, increasing your efficiency and reducing waste energy in your data centre. We accomplish this by using highly efficient hardware, optimised layout designs and bespoke solutions tailored to your environment.

We subscribe to the European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres, so all our works are undertaken with a view to reducing consumption in a cost-effective manner without hampering the mission critical functions.

We also strive to advise and inform our clients about the benefits of adhering to green principles. Case in point: several racks in a large room but only a single server in each rack, requiring an unnecessary number of active CRAC units to cool the entire room. We advised that it would be more beneficial, both financially and environmentally, to fully populate a rack before filling another, thereby reducing the cooling required by more than half. Efficient systems are green systems therefore greener companies.

We maintain our green ethos throughout the whole of our projects, sourcing environmentally friendly materials where possible, limiting any unnecessary landfill waste and recycling what we can to protect the natural environment.

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A Green Efficient Data Centre